Christian Counseling of Mid Michigan

Healing for the heart, mind, and soul.

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What is Christian Counseling of Mid Michigan?

Our mission is to provide affordable, professional mental health counseling to the residents of Mid Michigan. Our services will be compatibly with a Christian world-view while respecting the faith traditions of all who request consultation.

A look at part of our Vision Statement may be the simplest way to explain what we offer: “Christian Counseling of Mid Michigan aspires to alleviate social, emotional, and relational suffering by providing accessible, excellent, and innovative professional counseling.”

We have six therapists on staff. Two have a background in psychology, three in counseling, and the sixth in family studies. Members of our counseling team are equipped to address a wide range of issues that emerge as people walk through their life journey. Common issues that may be addressed are: depression, anxiety, parenting, children’s emotional and behavioral issues, adolescent concerns, loss & grief, sexual, physical & emotional abuse, separation & divorce, and stress management.