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Bridging the Mental Health Gap

Christian Counseling of Mid Michigan (CCMM) has been operational since 2008 as a mission of Community Church. However, last year CCMM became a non-profit agency and we are striving to more independently sustain the agency.

Our community has been responsive to meet the needs of the homeless and hungry. However, there are many in our community who have serious mental health needs and no (or limited) resources for securing such assistance. Community Mental Health has numerous state-mandated restrictions that have disqualified a sizable number of would-be clients who desperately need mental health treatment. Therefore, a group of six of us, all licensed counselors or psychologists, have been offering counseling services to those families, children, and individuals who might not otherwise receive professional assistance. Together we strive with passion to bridge the mental health gap. Indeed, we work to improve the lives of children and adults for generations to come. Without counseling intervention, the future for many in our community is discouraging.

Here are some facts to assist you in understanding our organization.

  1. Our administrative costs are minimal. One part time-receptionist manages schedules, keeps records, maintains financial accounting, bills insurance, etc.
  2. Our director receives no salary for agency management and leadership.
  3. All clients are served regardless of race, age, faith, or sexual orientation. Any discussions of spiritual issues are client initiated.
  4. All six clinicians are paid $35.00 per session, regardless of their credentials. Some clinicians make donations back to the clinic.
  5. We are pursuing CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation. Written documents are in process.
  6. Currently, we have 286 open client cases.
  7. We have met with eleven clergy from six local churches to offer counseling and consultation services to them and their parishioners. In fact, consultation with one church is currently ongoing.
  8. There are 147 homeless children in Isabella County. Some have resulting mental health issues.

In conclusion, we are a team of caring mental health professionals working to bridge the mental health gap in our community. Our intention is for counseling services to be available and affordable to all who desire such services. Call 989-317-4664 for more information.