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Play Therapy Room Completed!

We are very excited to announce that our Play Therapy Room is complete and is now welcoming children and adolescents.  It is a bright, inviting space that encourages those using it to explore the issues that they are struggling with in whatever way helps them most effectively.  Whether it’s coloring, reading books, playing in a sand box or using the dollhouse, everyone can feel comfortable in a space completely dedicated to their needs.

It is already inspiring to see the responses of those children and teens who have used the room.  They can’t help but smile when they walk into this room, and even the teens can’t help but be curious about what it might hold for them.  Every single client who steps into this room is ready and willing to engage with their counselor.

This is the only Play Therapy Room in Mt. Pleasant that is available to any child, regardless of their family’s ability to pay, who is in need of the services of fully licensed counselors.  Many of our children would have no other opportunity to experience counseling like this, and that makes this room even that much more special.

A Huge Thank You to the United Way and all of the Pop-Up Giving event attendees for making this possible within CCMM!