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Office Closed – Thursday, February 25th

Due to the weather and road conditions, our office will be closed on Thursday, February 25th. If an appointment is scheduled for Thursday, you will be contacted on Monday to reschedule. Thank you, and be safe.


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Another Self-Help Tip!

I recently read an article on self-help tips, by the former editor-in-chief of The Oprah Magazine, Amy Gross (no relation). She had been asked for advice on maintaining calm in the face of change. The person asking was not interested in trying the usual recommended strategies since they had been tried and failed. Amy’s response was to compare that to trying to stay fit without exercising. This reminded me of the struggle faced by many others in overcoming obstacles, either with interpersonal relations or for self-improvement, that often bring one to counseling.

Self-help tips are wonderful ways to jump-start your personal improvement project. There are plenty of articles written in popular magazines and newspapers filled with self-help tips on how to de-stress your life, de-clutter your closets, lose weight, stay happy, or raise perfect children. And with New Year’s Eve right around the corner, resolution time brings new promises for some type of change. Most of us will start off on the right foot and have some degree of success, only to give up at the first obstacle encountered, thus derailing the entire effort. Excuses often used include, “It’s too cold to go to the gym”, “The kids just have too much energy and I don’t have time”; “New TV shows make it hard to get off the couch”, etc…

Every good self-help tip requires willpower to maintain when what is really needed is a mindset change. Willpower requires lots of energy while habits and unhealthy habitual reactions are difficult to change. We need to acknowledge that. It is important to forgive ourselves for the small slip ups and not give up the whole ship just because there is a repairable leak in the boat. If perfection is the only acceptable outcome, it will always be out of grasp. Often, an all or none mentality undermines the small successes. What is needed is to acknowledge what works and then to do more of it. At some point it is important to embrace consistent efforts as “good enough”. The most helpful mindset is often one of “trying and practice” which, through prayer and meditation, is possible to achieve.

So, this year, my resolution is just to practice. Practice calm. Practice love. Practice forgiveness. Practice kindness and generosity. Practice ethical behavior. Practice compassion to achieve understanding and tolerance. Practice good health habits. And practice patience. If I keep directing the calm, love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and patience to my self as well as to others, many of the obstacles to self improvement may disappear.

Anita Gross, MA, LLPC

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New Employment Opportunity Available

We currently have an opening for an Afternoon/Evening Mental Health Specialist (Independent Contractor).

Position for an out-patient mental health specialist specializing in children and families at a faith based non-profit agency. This position requires an M.A., M.S., M.S.W.,  or higher degree from an accredited university. Applicant must be licensed by the State of Michigan and experienced in mental health treatment planning and counseling. The applicant should have skills in working specifically with families, adolescents and children. This is a part time position for afternoons and some evenings, although counselor will have a choice in scheduling times and size of client caseload.

Please see our Employment Opportunities page for more information.

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Bridging the Mental Health Gap

Christian Counseling of Mid Michigan (CCMM) has been operational since 2008 as a mission of Community Church. However, last year CCMM became a non-profit agency and we are striving to more independently sustain the agency.

Our community has been responsive to meet the needs of the homeless and hungry. However, there are many in our community who have serious mental health needs and no (or limited) resources for securing such assistance. Community Mental Health has numerous state-mandated restrictions that have disqualified a sizable number of would-be clients who desperately need mental health treatment. Therefore, a group of six of us, all licensed counselors or psychologists, have been offering counseling services to those families, children, and individuals who might not otherwise receive professional assistance. Together we strive with passion to bridge the mental health gap. Indeed, we work to improve the lives of children and adults for generations to come. Without counseling intervention, the future for many in our community is discouraging.

Here are some facts to assist you in understanding our organization.

  1. Our administrative costs are minimal. One part time-receptionist manages schedules, keeps records, maintains financial accounting, bills insurance, etc.
  2. Our director receives no salary for agency management and leadership.
  3. All clients are served regardless of race, age, faith, or sexual orientation. Any discussions of spiritual issues are client initiated.
  4. All six clinicians are paid $35.00 per session, regardless of their credentials. Some clinicians make donations back to the clinic.
  5. We are pursuing CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation. Written documents are in process.
  6. Currently, we have 286 open client cases.
  7. We have met with eleven clergy from six local churches to offer counseling and consultation services to them and their parishioners. In fact, consultation with one church is currently ongoing.
  8. There are 147 homeless children in Isabella County. Some have resulting mental health issues.

In conclusion, we are a team of caring mental health professionals working to bridge the mental health gap in our community. Our intention is for counseling services to be available and affordable to all who desire such services. Call 989-317-4664 for more information.

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Pastoral Counseling Summit & Training

The Central Michigan University Counselor Education program is planning a one-day Pastoral Counseling Summit & Training on Saturday, September 19, 2015 here on campus.  We have heard on several different occasions that this would be helpful and we want to respond.  We will have promotional materials ready in the next few days and mailers going out.  It will likely run from 9am-4pm with cost as low as $25.00 per person!


The training will be facilitated by Dr. Terencio Daunte McGlasson and Ms. Connie Baker.  Both are licensed professional counselors, both are seminary trained and both have taught on faculty at Christian colleges.  Dr. McGlasson is also a former minister.


Content will include:

  • Basic counseling skills/techniques training
  • Question & answer session where clergy can seek advice for issues they are currently facing or topics they would like to address but need more information on
  • Live mock counseling sessions so attendees can actually see scenarios and techniques
  • Assessing the need for professional referrals and who to send parishioners to
  • Clergy self-care – avoiding burnout
  • The impact of mental illness on congregations
  • Safeguards and common sense policies/protocols
  • *We are also considering an afternoon session with Christian counselors and faith-based professionals – unique concerns they might have, issues they are facing, opportunity to network, etc.


Contact information:

Dr. Terry D. McGlasson


Terencio Daunte McGlasson, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS

Associate Professor & Unit Coordinator – Counselor Education Program

Clinical Director – Center for Community Counseling & Development


Central Michigan University

368 Education & Human Services Bldg.

(989) 774-6527

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Volunteer Receptionist Opening

We are seeking a part-time volunteer receptionist to supplement our staff, on select weekdays (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00am – 1:00pm).

Some of the duties include: Greet and check in clients. Answer phone and take accurate messages. Computer use to maintain accurate client records.

Qualifications: Basic computer and MS Office knowledge. A pleasant manner, patience, problem-solving ability, and dependability are essential qualities. Must be able to pass background check, and be conscientious about protecting confidential information.

This is an unpaid, volunteer position. Please contact our office at 989-317-4664 or, for more details or to apply.

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Last Week of Art Van Charity Challenge

We’re in the last week of the Art Van Charity Challenge and we’re out to win the last Bonus Challenge. Here’s what Bonus Challenge #5 is all about…

If we raise at least $100 between June 16th at 2pm ET and June 22nd at 1:59:59pm ET, we’ll get entered for a chance to win a $1000 donation.

And, if we raise at least $400 between that same timeframe, we’ll get entered for a chance to win a $4000 donation.

So, so great and we’d really love to win this last Bonus Challenge. To help us make it happen, please Go Here and give. Any amount makes a huge difference so thank you so, so much.

And, if you have any questions, please Email CrowdRise and they’ll be ready to dig in.

Thanks again.
Christian Counseling of Mid Michigan